Search Engine Optimization Tips for Start-Ups in the UAE

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Search engines provide a great opportunity for businesses especially start-ups in regions that are growing their awareness regarding internet usage for buying and selling products. UAE fits in the role perfectly and the internet market is emerging as ever and is currently at a state where most people always consult the internet via businesses on the internet before buying a product or service.

The growing trend of internet buying and selling is expanding to almost all product industries including the ones that were some short years ago never thought to be able to be sold online. SEO is the perfect foil for internet businesses and boosts visibility of businesses especially new start-ups in a way that they reach out to a lot more audience and tend to boost sales and revenues for those businesses in the process as well. The main focus of SEO techniques is to rank a specific business’s website higher in search results so that when general people search for their relevant products or services, their websites are visible at the top of search results. Being at the top of search results tends to translate into actual sales because people open up the top ranking webpages with the intention of making purchases.

If you are a new start-up business in the UAE and are looking for solid tips on how to optimize your website and webpages according to Google’s recent updates, here are a few tips on how to do that:

Research the Market

First and foremost is the market research and analyze process. When you start a new business, researching the online market and finding out how they are doing things is one of the most important phases. Even before developing a website, you should know what products should go where on its pages and what types of images provide best descriptions for them.

Even when you are developing a new website, new ideas are always welcomed, but they should not be completely different than what competitors are doing on their websites. Already existing businesses and websites have developed a pattern in the people’s minds and you should follow that pattern with slight creativeness in it that should highlight your own way of doing things.

Focus on Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important factors in SEO. Any good quality SEO expert will tell you how important it is to have just the right keywords for your business that are directly linked with your products or services. However it is also important to focus on keywords that are generally searched by people in search engines. There are good tools available that allow you to find the most searched keywords according to your products or services out, invest in those tools and work on the best suited keywords.

You should always keep in mind that keywords are often key phrases as well, think of yourself looking for cases for the iPhone, you are likely to type in google phrases like “high quality protective cases for the iPhone 7” and not just “iPhone cases”. General people are the same, they search for whatever they think is most relevant to what they are looking for. These long key phrases are termed as “long tail keywords” and quite often provide best results.

Unique High Quality Content

If you are familiar with SEO or have contacted a quality SEO company, chances are you might have heard the phrase “content is King”, and there is a reason for that. Another very popular term for content is “backbone of SEO”, content is what differentiates your website from the rest and enables search engines to recognize what you are offering in terms of products or services and then match people’s searches with your content and show them your webpages.

Google and other search engines have gotten smarter over time and they are now able to accurately translate content on a webpage through their crawlers and spiders and break that content down to exactly what it means. If you have copy pasted content from other websites, search engines will pick it up and fail your webpages on ranking algorithms. Similarly, they will pick up any grammar or spelling mistakes and fail the webpage on ranking as well. Content should always be unique and correct in every sense of the word.

Pro Tip: Avoid keyword stuffing in the content, and according the very recent Google’s updates, use keywords in the most constructive way spread equally in the whole length of the content.

User Friendly Webpages

Another very significant ranking contributing factor is how user friendly the webpages on the website actually are. Google and other search engines algorithms are able to analyze the user friendliness of the webpages effectively. This means that all the tabs should be appropriately placed in a clear easy to understand and navigate for the users. Every tab should have separate products or services described on them in an SEO friendly way with appropriate keywords spread across the content on them.

Usually people think that the user friendliness of a webpage is only confined to the users and search engines like google don’t have anything to do with that, however that is as far from the truth as it can be. Google’s algorithms are able to break down how user friendly a page or a website is and they grant ranking points accordingly. This is actually one of the more ranking points awarding side for the websites.

SEO Friendly Backend

As important it is to develop a user friendly front end, it is even more important to construct a search engine friendly backend for the website. There are many factors and considerations to think about when developing the website and making it SEO friendly. Meta tags, title tags, Meta descriptions and many other factors are worth analyzing correctly.

The best practice is to have the most important keywords in the title tags, Meta tags and Meta descriptions, this makes search engines interpret their importance appropriately. There should be easy options available to change all these mentioned content, otherwise you will have to go into programming and change them manually through a lot of frustrating procedures.

If you are looking for the top SEO people to set you in the right direction for your online business’s better future, are always just an email or a phone call away. We are a well-recognized SEO services providers in the UAE and have served the region for a long time now. We provide excellent result oriented services at cheapest prices.

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