What Kind of SEO Content Performs Best and How to Write It?

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There is a lot more to writing SEO content than just informative articles about products or services. SEO content is specially designed to please not only users but also search engines through their crawlers and spiders that read the content using their algorithms and give it preference according to the authenticity and accuracy of it.

Content is often considered to be the “backbone of SEO’, there is a reason for that. When done right, SEO content writing can:

  • Bring in more traffic through keyword optimization.
  • Reaches out exactly to the target audience and reduce advertisement wastage.
  • Convinces viewers to turn a view into action and boost businesses.
  • Rank up the business website in search engines efficiently.

The other well-known name that is given to SEO content is the “King of online marketing”, these can’t just be arrows fired in the sky. During the course of this article, we aim to deliver 5 constructive steps to writing quality SEO content, these techniques are a high quality blend of the traditional and modern required practices.

Identify Your Audience

First of all, the initial step is to be sure about who you are targeting. Different sets of people are attracted differently, content aims keywords or titles towards specific groups of people depending on their requirements or preferences. What your website sells, has a specific audience, you must identify those audience based on their age groups, gender, occupation and other social factors. Learning about social behaviors of your target audience in advance grants you the option to design the content according to their own personal preferences in a way that they will like it and read it with the aim of making purchases from the website.

Accurately Define the Objective of the Content

Once you have clearly identified who you are writing for and who will be reading your content, the next big step is to remove any doubts in your mind on what your content should highlight. Thoroughly research on what you are writing on, you know the products or services of your website, use that knowledge accurately to define what type of content you will be writing. A major distinguishing feature of the SEO content is that it is so much organized. Each webpage on the website should have a clear focus and should explain a particular product or service or a group of them as well where required. What we mean is that you should not write everything on one page or the homepage even, everything should be organized and well separated. Accurately defining a content objective for each specific page of the website has the ability for it to be recognized accurately by search engine crawlers.

Assign Keywords

When a specific objective for each webpage is defined, keywords assigning becomes very easy. Always keep in mind that keywords are one of the most important if not the most important parts of SEO. Clear, concise and specific keywords should be assigned to each page and part of the content. Each webpage can and should have more than one keywords for better optimization.

The best practice is to pick one primary keyword that is based purely on the products or services names and then a few related ones that explain those products or services accurately or relate to them in a way that people search for them as well while looking for similar products or services. Quality SEO content should feature these keywords only in the body of the page in headings, images or links and also in the head section like the title tag (main keyword), Meta keywords and Meta descriptions.

Start With Unique and Quality Content

Duplicate content or content that has only some words or phrases changed has the ability to not be ranked by search engine crawlers at all or even give negative ranking at the worst. A website’s content should always be unique and new with outstanding quality writing in it. By new and unique content, we mean that it should be written from scratch with nothing copied or taken from anywhere. You might read other content to get good ideas, but when writing yours, all others tabs should be closed and only your content sheet in front of you.

Quality content includes a lot of things, to start off, the level of language used in it should be up-to-the-mark. There should be no grammatical or spelling errors at all, then it should have a constructive theme about what is being written on and who’s writing it. Search engine crawlers read the content top down and judge what is written on the basis of its uniqueness and relevancy to the keywords or the themes of the webpages they are on. This is why the content should be highly relevant without having any wasted content in it at all.

Content Optimization

Finally, we reach the stage where all the content has been written and the last stage of optimizing it is reached. SEO content optimization includes correct usage of keywords on the website’s webpages as often as required according to the exact requirements of the industry of the products or services depending on the type of your business. For this final step, taking a look at your top ranked competitors and how they are doing things on their websites is very significant. Analyzing your competitors using SEO tools like “Single Page Analyzer” or “Domain Indexing Report”, will provide you information on important keywords and will guide you on how to optimize them as well. Your basic aim from this analysis should be to find out how much content is required on your website in order to compete with the competitors and possibly beat them in search engine rankings.

Writing SEO content should be done by professionals, if you are starting out, the best practice is to learn from them as much as you can and then attempt to write your own content. Professionals have an accurate idea on how to get content verified from both the readers and search engine spiders at the same time as well, which is even more important than readers to some extent.

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