Content Writing Strategies for writing an outstanding Blog Post

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Writing a blog post for multiple topics to show your skills is quite difficult task to perform. To attract the reader’s attention your topic must be energetic and helpful for readers. Your writing style should express the meaning of your thinking which you want to express through words. In other words you may say like your text and idea should be appealing that reader should manage the time to read it completely. Your idea must be helpful for reader and you should use headings and sub headings to express your idea to reader. If reader likes your way to express the words and your idea, then you must get the multiple likes, shares and tweet on your post. In this modern world people like to read new things which could help them in a positive way. That is why unique idea can improve your ranking on Google and you would try to maximize your writing skills.

Today we will discuss some important aspects about content writing skills that should be preferred by the readers and how you can improve your writing skills in a better way.

  1. Create Thought before Write

Before start your writing on the topic, you should have to prepare yourself well about the topic which you have selected to write on. Your article must create the sense that you want to tell something about the positive aspects to readers and if you have raised any questions, try to give the answers sufficiently that it make your article more impressive and attractive as well. You should have to express the purpose of writing about the topic in a complete sense. Senseless topics may not be liked by the readers and it can also put bad impression on your writing style.

  1. Make Complete and authentic research

Whenever you are going to start the topic, make sure you have completed the full and authentic research about it. You may have to write about the exact facts and figures about it. So always try to provide the true statement and information about the selected topic. Do not forget that people will follow your blog and if they find anything outdated or false statement, you will never get the reward of your struggle.

  1. Create Structure about your blog post

You should have to create a good structure of your blog post by expressing it in a way that readers can easily understand about your main object. For instance start your topic with complete thought in which you want to introduce your selected topic. In Body, try to convey the complete and informative message which is your basic aim to describe. Finally end your topic with conclusion with the new idea which was your basic target. In this way you can completely get the attention of the reader towards you.

  1. Use Headings

Headings are the most important part of every describing idea they are also important for SEO as well. If you really want that people get the right way or direction through your written idea, then try to make sub headings as well in your topic. These sub headings will help people to scan your page completely and they will definitely understand your idea. If you will not maintain the same strategy in your content, then it will make your content useless and unreadable.


  1. Use sensible paragraphs

Without paragraphs, no one can read and understand your idea in a better way. Always use paragraphs to express your complete thought in a sequence. Writers use paragraphs to convey the basic thought about the selected topic and one more important thing, your created paragraphs must be relevant and thoughtful. Never include the new sentence or new line just because it looks nice or making some sense regarding the topic. There should be a valid reason of making a new paragraph. Every new paragraph has new idea and techniques about the selected topic. You may better decide the main idea of creating new paragraph very efficiently.

  1. Try to use single words in your Content

Using the single words in your content allows the readers to scan completely your thoughts which you are describing to your readers. For instance if you are sharing some scenario start it like that “First of all, secondly and finally” these words will express your idea in a sequence of sense and you may get a positive response from readers as well.

  1. Length of your article

Make sure that your article contain up to 300 words, it consider very preferable among readers and Google personally like the lengthy articles that must be 700 words. Long article sometime scares the readers and that is why they would not prefer to read out the lengthy one with full concentration.

  1. Selection of Words

Be careful while selecting your words for writing blog post. Try to use easy and meaningful words to make easy approach to the readers. You should have to create a good story by using your words.

  1. Update your Content on regular basis

If your contents liked by the readers, then try to add your contents regularly to maintain a better view about your thoughts. You will prefer by the readers very much and your written blog posts will also get share day by day with different people. In this way you blog will earn good position on Google ranking.

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