6 Tips to Refresh Your Social Media Marketing Campaign in 2017

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With modifications in search engine algorithms and new social media technologies showing up frequently, keeping a track of how to kick-start your social media marketing campaign in 2017 can be a bit of a problem for many marketers. Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine in the world right now, it uses various pre-defined algorithms in order to search for relevant content. Whether someone is on a social media platform or just searching on google for the content they are looking for, the Google algorithms will in some way interact with the search request and direct the search towards what they think is most relevant. Promoting your content on social media platforms is a totally different ball game, and a lot of optimization is required in order to make the content look relevant and also for the search engine algorithms to interpret it in the right way. Here are a few very useful tips in order to refresh your social media marketing campaign in 2017:

1: Evaluate Previous Content and Improve on it

If you are starting new on social media, you can design promotional activities from the scratch, but if you are searching for material related to this article, you most probably are already engaged in social media marketing and improve it. The very first thing that virtually every social media marketer needs to consider is evaluating the content they have used in the previous years. Regardless of how many years they have been doing social media marketing, with the ever changing algorithms of social media and new technologies being incorporated every now and then, it is essential to look back and evaluate the nature and techniques that were used in the previous content. No matter how good your past content was, there will be ways you can improve it. Brainstorm with you team and find out the best possible ways to improve your content in 2017 and implement the change.

2: Link the Visual Content to Useful Reading Material

For any social media marketing content, it needs to have visual promotional material as well. Visual material attracts visitors in the most efficient way and provides easily comprehendible information for most people. A very effective technique is to put as much visual content as you can and then back link it to useful written or reading content that is relevant to the visual material it is linked from. The visual material can be treated as a headline to the explanatory reading content, the reading content can then explain in detail the true meaning of the visual material. Keep in mind that the reading material has to be super relevant to the visual content, slight deviation can have the ultimate negative effect on readers and can turn them away from your page permanently.

3: Utilize Most of the Real Estate Available on the Page

On social media platforms when performing marketing campaigns, the page you are given has a specific size dimension, the content you want to display in efforts to promote your business objectives has to be displayed within those size dimensions(at least without the reader having to scroll down). You might find yourself in a situation where the space given is either too big or too small for your content. Either way, find out ways to effectively make use of the full real estate provided and do not leave any corners from any side un-attended. Empty corners and sides can make the whole page look out of position and ugly. Make sure all the real estate space available is filled out with relevant helpful content, irrelevant content can easily turn visitors away as well.

4: Update Content Continuously

You might post excellent promotional content on your page, but posting good quality content only once in a while might not be that beneficial in terms of attracting visitors. Your great quality content should be enough to attract visitors for the time you posted it, but with so many pages and companies posting new content every day, it will soon become back benched. What you need to do in this matter is to keep updating you content by posting new relevant material as much as you can. For most marketers this frequency hourly based rather than days or weeks. This type of frequency will help make the content appear more on searches and also will attract visitors in the most effective way possible. Also, once you have created the page, updating new content is just a matter of effort, minimal extra money needs to be paid and it is very cost-effective.

5: Attract Narrowed Down Relevant Audience

When putting content on your page, there is a significant need of narrowing down the target audience in order to cut costs. Most social media platforms work in pay per click or pay per number of views for the page way, if you do not narrow down you target audience and put the promotional activities out for virtually everyone, you will end up paying a fortune to the social media platform that you are managing your business page on. Brainstorm with your marketing department and short-list the target audience in terms of the various characteristics like age, sex, location, preferences or social lifestyle etc. This will also help you realize the true potential of your business and make the whole process cost-effective or you. Make sure you target market is not the total available market.

6: Structure Social Media Campaigns Around your Business Objectives

The main purpose of the business are of the most importance for any business. Make them a priority and shape your marketing campaign entirely around those objectives. Allow no deviation from the major business objectives and stick to your core operational business goals. In the end these goals are what you are operating your business for. Sticking strictly to you core objectives will also cut costs of your social media marketing campaign.


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