5 Up-to-Date Strategies to Help Businesses in the UAE Improve Their SEO Rankings

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With search engine giants like Google updating and changing their algorithms all the time, getting your business website ranked high in search lists is not as simple as it used to be. Even if you used to be a site ranking guru in 2013 for example, most of the well-known techniques that used to work back then have been made obsolete by the newly incorporated algorithms, for example keyword stuffing used to pull a lot of traffic because the bots and algorithms used to rank websites and pages on the basis of number of times the keywords used to appear on them, this method has long been made redundant and now the content has to have keywords in the right places and in just the appropriate numbers in order for the algorithms to deem it important and rank it higher. The algorithms have grown much smarter and more sophisticated, businesses in the UAE have to learn and evolve accordingly in order to keep their rankings high. Here are a few updated tips for businesses in the UAE to help them improve their website’s rankings.

1: Guest Posting

Guest posting has been under the scrutiny for a long time now. Google’s head of webspam at the time in 2014, Matt Cutts, shared his opinion on guest posting being increasingly inefficient at link building. According to him anyone doing lots of guest posting is hanging out with really bad company. Guest blogs used to be a bit too easy for administrators to get back-links off of them, most of the times a casual 500 word count post will not have any links to the sources (of course other than writer’s own website) and highlights no meaningful discussion or innovative insights. All they cared about was getting links and not providing the readers with good content and the writers became experts at delivering the absolute minimum search engine requirements while maximizing links.

Rather than concentrating on links and not on the quality of content, bloggers should focus on improving the quality of information in the content, which will prompt the users to like the guest post and also share it on their social media platforms. Low-quality posts stuffing with links to your own website or even paid third party links may have been effective in the past but the more powerful tool of the present times is guest blogging and it boosts authority and search visibility.

2: Infographics

Infographics are visual pieces of information that get the message across intuitively and promptly. That’s the main reason they have become so popular lately. After you have successfully created intuitive and informative infogpraphics, use tools like SeigeMedia Embed Code Generator in order to build the code for them. This code will be used by people who will want to post your infographic piece to their personal websites or pages and spread your link and message even further. The good practice is to incorporate a request to link back to your business website and make it easy by constructing exactly the URL you want them to use in the infographic’s embed code, this way they won’t be able to avoid it. Some people might still ignore it but the message will be conveyed to most people nevertheless.

The major benefit with these is that they get your message across that is quick and easy for the reader to read. More people will like because of the to-the-point nature of it and will possible share it with other people making it more popular and sharing your website’s link to a lot more audience both locally in the UAE and also globally.

3: Personal Blogs from Noteworthy Employees like CEO or Directors

Another very significant strategy to boost your website’s ranking in the UAE is to share the opinions of the most important employees through blog posts. The senior level employees will have positive insights into the business through their experience and command over certain operations. They will be in the best position to write something about how using your products or services is better for potential customers. Getting their opinions in forms of blog posts and posting it both on-site and 3rd party websites will not only show people that the management does its part but also will help get important messages across. Their messages can also have meaningful insights for the people at the business and can also give them ideas on how to improve their work better.

Company CEO’s or directors or other top employees are also trusted by people most often to tell the right information. This weightage in their discourse also encourages the idea of sharing their opinions.

4: Beat the Champ

The way you became the champ in the first place or can become the champ is by snatching the top spot from someone who was there before you. Link building and SEO content marketing can be done the same way. Find out content that has performed well already in your lists, it should be the one you think is great and has been performing well in organic searches. What you can do from there is drop the URL in well-known solutions like Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer and verify which websites have linked to it. Paste all the websites that are linking into a spreadsheet.

Next is picking apart the post and looking into details like if it would work even better if it was more detailed. For example if the post is something like “10 Best Ways to Rank Your Website Higher”, probably go with 20 best ways or even 50 best ways to include more detail about the topic of your post. This will keep the people who have linked to it and provide them with even more insight and also help gain more links to your website and make it appear on more pages in the process.

5: Important Interviews

Sharing blog posts from important employees is a good practice as discussed earlier, also another very effective approach is to share their interviews of them about interesting topics concerning the major business objectives of the company. Get a chance to sit with them and as important questions that help in better operations of the business and write them down in an easy to understand way. This technique helps greatly in attracting B2B leads as algorithms might be important in ranking your website higher but at the end of the day humans have to make the purchase decisions of your products or services. Viewers will see you as someone who understands the problems and responds efficiently. Most generally CXO’s or other noteworthy employees are the best options for the interviewing processes.

This article is aimed at improving the understanding of business owner’s in the UAE on how to improve their website rankings in 2017. Older ways don’t work that well anymore that is why businesses must incorporate new ways and algorithms from search engines in order to rank their websites and pages higher in searches. In case you have any more questions or are looking to get your business website ranked significantly higher than the competition, visit our website www.seo.ae, and feel free to ask us your questions, we will be happy to help.

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