3 Techniques your Content Marketing can utilize to Improve Your SEO

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Based on the findings of a research done by Conductor, a New York-based digital agency, a mammoth 47% of website visits originate from organic search results, and keeping in mind the fact that most of the search traffic fails to make it to Google’s second page, the validity and importance of having a high organic search ranking for businesses of all sizes gets crystal clear.

Search engine optimization also commonly termed as SEO, is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to boost organic rankings for any business’s website, but it can get very lethargic, tough and time consuming to find the best way to improve your SEO rankings. Improving the website content is one of the most effective and easier ways if you are looking to organically improve your SEO rankings, because of the fact that Google’s algorithms spool through website content to help evaluate quality score of it. Ranking gets higher with the relevancy of the content present on the website.

The top 3 ways better content can improve SEO ranking for your website are below:

1) Boost Credibility through Link building

A suitable way to consider link building is to think of it as running for a chair in a political office. In their efforts to prove to public the validity and reliability for their candidacy politicians often pursue endorsements from their already well-known counterparts who may have already served in higher positions. Similarly, the newer lesser known website’s credibility in the algorithm patterns of Google will rise if it has other better known websites link back to them improving search results rankings in the process. This happens predominantly because the algorithm recognizes the fact that reliable sites incline to link to other reliable sites. For example, if a new mobile phone shop opens in a new area in London, their visibility to the general public might increase through successfully putting their shop credentials in the local papers, but their visibility on local search engines will also be boosted from the links on the articles about it on the papers’ website. However generally these links lose their effectiveness over time, for that reason it is imperative to constantly get your website content linked and also keep in mind that social sharing of the website improves link building as well, getting your website shared by people or other companies on their social media is a very good idea.

2) Generate Content Hubs to Demonstrate Worth

Scanning website’s content to calculate its relevancy is one way Google’s algorithm regulates organic ranking. Consider yourself being a mobile phone shop in London, the content on your website in order to calculate frequency will be scanned for certain keywords like “Mobile Shop” and “London”. Frequency of these keywords is directly linked to the ranking position of your website. Because of such measurement algorithms, many markets believe that “Content is King”. In-fact, “keyword stuffing,” when there is nothing in the content but the keywords, is regarded as spam according to the algorithm. This implies that the content on your website needs to be both high quality and super relevant. An effective technique to achieve that is with content hubs. If content is considered as the king hubs can be regarded as kingdoms. When several bits of content on your website relate to each other in some way it is regarded as Content Hubs. For example the mobile phone shop in London can create a blog explaining various parts replacements for mobile phones and can then create many pages that have mobile phone parts replacements demonstrating many different parts replacement, they can then link these pages together based on which ones would go well with each other. Without looking spammy this linking process will create the hubs, which will boost the website’s ranking.

3) Include unique keywords.

When generating content, it is imperative to keep your business’s associated keywords in view. Your website will achieve higher organic ranking as much as you can naturally put keywords related to your business in the content. Although the relevant keywords to your business that you want to use in your content are likely to be used somewhere else as well. Every mobile phone shop in London is likely to use the keywords “mobile phone” and “London”, for that reason it becomes important that you come up with words that make your shop more unique. Highlight the unique features and keywords for your shop, for example, if your shop offers free first time screen replacement, “free screen replacement” can become a keyword you would want to use throughout your content, because of the fact that there would probably be less competition for it. The ranking dependent on your keywords depends highly on their uniqueness.

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