10 Advanced SEO Techniques to Boost your Business in the Dubai

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Businesses around the world are utilizing Search Engine Optimization services in order to boost their online presence and pull in more consumer traffic towards their website in efforts to improve sales and revenue. In the modern age of internet authority, for any business to succeed, the necessity of strong online presence is absolutely necessary, and they have to optimize their websites in order for them to attract more people towards them. This is done through search engine optimization. Different people will tell you different techniques and stories related to SEO, they might all be important in their own ways, having been in the SEO industry for as long as we can remember, the top techniques and methods recommended by our experts for business owners in Dubai in order to optimize their websites for search engines are highlighted below:

1: Smartphone Customers are the Future

The worldwide trend of the smartphone has risen drastically during the past decade or so. No one walks around the block carrying their desktops or laptops even, virtually everyone businesses need to target as potential customers use their smartphones efficiently. Start targeting smartphone users, observe their behaviors and plan strategies accordingly. This will expand your target market exponentially in Dubai and enable you to attract both local people and international clients of all social classes.

2: Emergence of Voice Search

Traditionally people used to type whatever they needed to search over the internet. This was consistent regardless of what platform or device they were searching on. But in the modern environment especially with Google and Apple introducing and improving their voice search a huge deal and the exponential level impact it has had on the way people proceed with their searches over the internet, the whole approach of people regarding the way they search their data and information has changed drastically. A large percentage of people now use voice search efficiently. Your website should include the option of voice search as well, recognizing the local language (Arabic for Dubai) as well as English for international clients making it easy for people to make their searches.

3: Speed-Up Your Website

This is very important for a lot of time conscious people. In the competitive business and personal world of the modern age, time is in shortage for most people. The amount of time they have to spend while waiting for a website to load has to be as short as possible. imagine yourself trying to open a website and it take a good part of couple minutes to load on your device, you will be likely to just close the tab and search for some other website of the same nature. Same goes for the rest of the world, make sure your website’s loading time is somewhere in the range of 1 – 3 seconds to make it appeal more to visitors and engage them in into looking through your list of products.

4: Develop a Mobile Friendly Website

In addition to targeting smartphone and tablet users, to develop a website that is supported natively on those devices is of great importance. Websites that are not supported by mobile devices including smartphones and tablets will open up on them but will look out of sense and out of place at various tabs and places on the page. You should invest in a website that has both a desktop version and also a mobile version. Mobile version may cut on some links and tabs in order to fit the smaller displays of mobile devices, but the whole layout should look intact and in accordance with everything. Besides most businesses are doing this already, join in.

5: Keep Uploading High Quality Content Regularly

The effort just does not stop at successfully uploading great content for once or twice, it has to be added-in constantly in order for search engines to recognize the presence of the website. The quality of the content you are adding has to be top notch as well, it should keep account for all the various content requirements by search engines and be designed accordingly. Content can include both visual and textual data, get a grip on both.

6: Strengthen Social Media Presence

With the advent of social media, more than half the population on the planet is utilizing some kind of it. People in Dubai are no different. It is of great importance for a business to have strong social media presence both locally and internationally. The most commonly used platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and various Google platforms. Make sure you pages on these platforms are interesting and very informative about your products or services and optimize those pages accordingly as well in order to gain more followers, friends or views depending on the nature of the platform.

7: Focus on Quality of Link Building not Quantity

Make sure the link you are building is on a website that is super relevant to your business, otherwise it will be completely ineffective, check the credibility of the website that you are posting your links on, it should have a high domain authority and page rank among competition. Don’t just leave the link and be done with it, complete all the required information about the profile where you are posting the link and also add a combination of visual and textual information on the link. Adding a great number of links that are not great quality is not a good practice at all as it can all go to waste.

8: Incorporate Long-Tail Keywords

The competition for keywords on websites is very high these days, long-tail keywords can be more unique than shorter ones. ‘Best SEO’ might sound really relevant but replacements like ‘Best SEO Techniques For Your Business’ will have a lot less competition and will appear higher on Google’s list because of low competition.

9: User Experience is the New SEO

Complex and brain spending websites that require hours of concentration just to get the basic information are the worst for most people. A web page should be very easy to navigate and comprehend for visitors. The basic information should be available on the homepage with easy to understand tabs that lead you straight to the desired information or data. Make sure your website and webpages are easy to use, otherwise people might leave it in the middle and look for easier options.

10: King Google is not the Only Domain, Yahoo and Bing Need Attention

With the overwhelming success of ‘King Google’, it is really easy for marketers to assume it is the only search engine utilized around the world. That might hold true for most markets but is not the entire case. Yahoo and Bing are still utilized in many parts of the world or even in regions where Google is in the majority. Make sure your website and webpages are optimized for them as well in order to maximize traffic flow.

These tips are aimed to help marketers develop their websites according to search engine requirements and maximize the number of traffic they get, in case you want any further information on the topic, visit our website www.seo.ae and feel free to contact us.

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